Despite the pandemic, this is still an opportune time to explore career opportunities in the employment marketplace. That’s because companies and organizations are still hiring and top job candidates are still in demand to fill those positions.

There are some things about the world of employment that are changing due to current conditions, specifically the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the benefit of being represented by a recruiter is not one of those things. Representation is still the best way to get noticed by companies and to receive an offer of employment.

You might be thinking, “How can that be? Don’t companies have to pay a fee to a recruiter if they hire a candidate they represent?” Yes, they do. However, at the end of the day, talent is what matters most to companies—finding the best fit possible for the job they’re trying to fill.

The bottom line is this: company officials know that hiring the right candidate will contribute FAR more financially in the long run than saving a recruiter’s fee in the short term.

With that in mind, what can a recruiter do to get you noticed . . . and hired? There are four things:

#1—Access to the “hidden job market”

Think employers post all of their open jobs on the Internet? Absolutely not.

There are some positions that they only entrust with outside search consultants, for a variety of reasons: the type of position involved, circumstances surrounding the hire, a desire for only targeted candidates, etc. If you don’t work with a recruiter, then you won’t be considered for these premium opportunities.


These days, companies are receiving hundreds of resumes in response to some of their open positions. After a while, all of those applicants can seem to blend together.

However, being represented—and presented—by a recruiter will set you apart from the masses.

#3—Knowledge of companies within your industry

Recruiters work with these companies all the time. They know them inside and out, and you can put that knowledge to work for you, especially in the event of a face-to-face interview.

#4—Handling the terms of the offer

Negotiations can be tricky, especially if you’re attempting to conduct them yourself. A recruiter has been down this road many times, including with the company with which you’re interviewing. They have the experience and the know-how necessary to ensure that the offer you receive is the one you want.

In the final analysis, companies want to hire the best person possible for the job, and they don’t care whether or not a recruiter represents them. They’ll gladly pay a recruiter’s fee in exchange for a candidate who will become a superstar employee for years to come.

Recruiters have a wealth of knowledge, as well as vast and untold opportunity, at their fingertips. Don’t waste either.

Align yourself with a recruiter during your job search and put yourself in the best position possible to land the job of your dreams and take the next step in the advancement of your career.

The Doepker Group has experience placing professionals in the Information Technology and Engineering fields, and we can place you, as well.

We invite you to search through our open positions. You can start the process by creating a profile and submitting your resume.

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