In a previous blog post, we discussed how a recruiter can protect your organization. However, did you know that a recruiter or search consultant can also save you both time and money?

They can accomplish this due to the nature of what they do in attracting and recruiting top talent for their client’s most important positions. And the best part is that working with a recruiter or search consultant is advantageous throughout the entire hiring process.

Below are six ways that a recruiter or search consultant can save you time and money:

#1—Keeping a position open is costly.

The longer the position is open, the more costly it becomes, and recruiters reduce the amount of time it takes to fill a position.

#2—Recruiters can locate candidates that companies can’t find.

These are namely passive candidates who aren’t conducting an active job search. These are the type of superstar candidates who aren’t reading job boards or website postings.

#3—Recruiters streamline the recruiting and hiring process.

Recruiters keep everybody involved in the process on the same page. They make sure that candidates are engaged throughout the process, so that a company’s best prospect isn’t lost to a competitor’s offer.

#4—Recruiters are marketplace experts.

This is because of their experience and exposure to so many organizations and candidates. Consequently, they have “their finger on the pulse” of the industry. Their knowledge and expertise can mean the difference between landing the ideal candidate and coming up empty.

#5—Recruiters make the onboarding process easier.

Once the ideal candidate is hired, less time, money, and energy are required to train them, because the recruiter located the candidate who possessed all of the skills and experience outlined in the job description. A more targeted hire means an easier and more effective onboarding process.

#6—Recruiters help with retention.

Through not only their onboarding techniques, but also their continuous follow-up efforts, recruiters help to enhance the retention levels involved with the employees they place.

Locating top talent is only the beginning of the process. Once you find these candidates, you must also recruit them and guide them through the interviewing process to the point where you can hire them. And then, on top of that, you must onboard them properly so that you can retain them for the long haul.

Recruiters and search consultants have the experience and expertise that companies need to fill their ranks with the best candidates available . . . and as you can see, they can save you time and money in the process.

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