What gives you a better chance of hiring the type of superstar candidates you want to hire in this market? The “personal touch,” that’s what.

Passive superstar candidates are being inundated with information regarding job opportunities, so much so that they certainly can’t respond to every message left for them and will only respond to those messages that meet certain criteria.

In other words, they’re looking for the personal touch that will make them take notice of an opportunity and give it their attention. These aren’t just superstar candidates in Information Technology, either. This applies to ALL such candidates, including those in Engineering and Manufacturing.

The problem is that due to many factors, hiring managers are often too busy to give superstar candidates the personal touch they crave. As a result, they’re not finding, recruiting, and hiring the candidates they want to hire.

That’s exactly where a professional recruiter or search consultant enters the picture.

According to surveys, approximately half of top professionals—those in the top 5% to 10% of their chosen field—report that the number-one source they confer with during the job search process is a recruiter. The reason for this is that recruiters are able to give these candidates the information they need to make a decision about an opportunity that could be right for them.

The recruiter tells these candidates about more than just the job description. They provide information about the responsibilities of the position, the team dynamics, the culture of the company, the opportunities for advancement, etc.

In other words, they provide the “personal touch.”

The reality of the current marketplace is that it requires more time, energy, and resources to hire new employees, especially if you want to hire the best. That’s because you have to engage them and recruit them. You must “sell” them on all aspects of the opportunity, as well as the organization itself.

Then, once they enter the hiring process, you have to keep them engaged, and that usually requires a personal touch. Job seekers and candidates want to feel as though they’re wanted. If you have an indifferent attitude about them, they will reciprocate the feeling.

And the last thing you want is for top candidates to feel as though you don’t want them—and even worse, for them to know that they don’t want you.

How much of a personal touch are you providing to the candidates who are in your organization’s hiring process? Are you engaging them? Connecting with them?

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