During the recent candidate-driven market, employer branding became an important issue in terms of hiring and the employment marketplace.

That’s because, with qualified candidates so scarce, employers had to be mindful of the image they portrayed. The better their image, the more attractive they became to top candidates.

Well, it’s no longer a candidate-driven market, at least for the time being. Does that also mean companies and organizations don’t have to worry about employer branding and their image any longer? Absolutely not!

In fact, an organization should be just as mindful of their employer brand during the COVID-19 pandemic as they were before the pandemic began, if not more so. And the reason has just as much to with current employees as it does with potential new employees in the marketplace.

That’s because your employees are watching very carefully to see what your organization does, how it operates, and how it conducts itself. After all, “a crisis reveals character,” as they say, and that applies just as much to organizations as it does to people.

With that in mind, below are three ways to brand your organization the right way during the COVID-19 pandemic:

#1—As sensitive to the current situation

You don’t want to come across as “tone deaf” to your employees. That means as an organization that is not grasping the many different facets of a complex situation, and the pandemic certainly falls into such a category.

And no, simply telling employees to wash their hands often and observe social distancing protocols isn’t going to cut it. Everybody everywhere is already telling them to do that.

#2—As an employer that is flexible and understanding

Part of not being “tone deaf” is understanding that employees might need a certain level of flexibility during this time. COVID-19 is changing the way we work and live on a daily basis, and people are expecting their employer to recognize this fact and provide them with what they need to be as productive as possible during this time.

#3—As wanting its employees to succeed

Speaking of being as productive as possible, people want to know that their employer has their best interests in mind. After all, if an organization’s employees are successful, then the organization itself will be more successful. That’s the definition of a “win-win situation.” People always want to feel as though they’re valued by their employer, even when there isn’t a crisis. So you can imagine how much they want to feel valued when there is one.

One day, this pandemic will end, jobs will return, and the marketplace will open up again. When it does, you want your employees to remember how you guided them well through this crisis . . . and not how you “dropped the ball” when it counted the most.

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