People are often conflicted over whether they should leave their job. They feel loyalty to their current employer, but they want to explore other employment opportunities and grow their career.

As a result, some professionals feel guilty about doing so. However, they should not feel this way, because the person they should feel the most loyalty to is themselves. After all, it’s your life and your career, and you should be able to make any and all decisions regarding both.

Now that the COVID-19 situation is markedly better in the United States, the economy is starting to open up and employers are starting to hire. (In fact, there are some employers that did not stop hiring during the throes of the pandemic and are ramping up their hiring even more.)

In a previous blog post, we addressed the how and why of taking inventory of your current employment situation and your career. Once you’ve done that, there are other things that you should consider in terms of exploring other employment opportunities and growing your career.

If you’re thinking about making a move in your current employment situation, there are four factors that you should consider. Those factors are listed below.

You’ll notice that none of these factors deal directly with the economy. That’s because short-term economic conditions should not affect decisions that could impact your long-term career success.

With that in mind, below are four things to consider when deciding whether or not to leave your current job:


Does the opportunity for advancement exist at your current employer? If so, what opportunity is it and how will you go about achieving that advancement?


Does your current employer have a clear vision for the future of the company? Has it communicated that vision to its employees? How does that vision involve you specifically?


Are you passionate about what you do every day? Are you excited to go to work? Can you see yourself doing what you’re doing now for the foreseeable future?


What kind of work-life balance are you experiencing in your current position? Are you satisfied with that balance? If not, why not?

This is the perfect time to assess where you are now, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Because the perfect job for you could be just around the corner . . .

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