Every company wants to retain their superstars, those employees who are the most talented and most productive. Not only that, but every company believes that they know how to retain their superstars . . . which explains why many of them are often surprised when their best employees “jump ship.”

The fact of the matter is that right now, this country is going through the biggest mass resignation in its history. That’s why it has been labeled as the “Great Resignation” by the media.

How do you know if your superstars are engaged and not preparing to leave in the near future? Short of asking them point-blank, you don’t. However, there are some steps you can take to improve the odds that you’ll hang onto your superstars . . . and to the value they bring.

#1—Show them that they ARE valued.

The employees you want to keep need to know that you value their contributions, both past and present. Showing this appreciation for their value can take many forms, and most of them are simple and cost-effective: gift cards, recognition awards, extra vacation days, etc.

If it’s merited, a bonus will also show that you value them, although employees ultimately desire sincere appreciation over cash. These measures shouldn’t be viewed as costs, but rather as investments. Retaining your superstar employees is the return you’ll receive on that investment.

#2—Do what you can to reduce their stress.

Employees will take notice of your attempts to alleviate their stress so they can enjoy their jobs more and be more productive in the process. Employees that aren’t as stressed perform better and are less likely to seek greener, less stressful pastures.

#3—Build trust.

Superstar employees are visionaries by nature. Consequently, they want to work for a company—and for leaders—that are equally as visionary . . . and they want to share in that vision. This means they must trust that you have a vision and that the vision is one with which they want to align themselves.

That’s why it’s important not only to communicate your vision with these employees, but it’s also crucial that everything the company does (and the manner in which it does it) is in line with this vision. This builds trust and further engages your superstars.

It’s a foregone conclusion that many people are preparing to leave their current employer and will be doing so in the near future, if they haven’t done so already. By focusing on the three areas listed above, you can help ensure that you keep the employees you value the most during the “Great Resignation” and also give yourself an edge over the competition.

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