Hiring the best candidates is about a lot more than having a great opportunity. It’s about more than writing a great job description. It’s about more than being an industry leader with a great company culture.

That’s because if your organization brands itself in a negative fashion to candidates during the hiring process, then all of these great things become null and void. Unfortunately, the hiring process, which holds the greatest potential to “sell” your company to top talent, is often overlooked.

Below are three ways that your company could be “turning off” top candidates with its hiring process:

#1—Unfocused, inefficient interviews

The face-to-face interview is a two-way street. You’re attempting to ascertain if you’d like this person to work for you, while at the same time they’re trying to figure out if they want to work for you.

Just because you have an open position does not mean you can afford to be loose or lackadaisical. What you must do is respect the candidates’ time, sell candidates on both the opportunity and the company, and do everything in your power to conduct an engaging and compelling interview.

#2—Dragging the process out

From beginning to end, a hiring process should last no more than six to eight weeks. If it lasts any more than that, the candidates who entered the process are at risk for dropping out.

If they’re top candidates, the risk increases exponentially because they’re more than likely interviewing with multiple companies. If that’s the case, then they might take another offer without even informing you that they’ve done so, and if they do, it will be well past the point that you can do much about it.

#3—Lack of communication

There is nothing that candidates dislike more than not knowing where they stand in the process. Top candidates, by their nature, are people of action. Taking action is their default setting, so to speak. They’re uncomfortable with inaction, and if they believe that the process has stalled and nobody communicates to them otherwise, then their instinct will be to take action.

One possible course of action is to drop out of your hiring process and explore other options and opportunities. This is why communication is crucial. Let them know where they stand. To not do so increases the chance that you will lose them.

For a hiring process to be the best that it can possibly be and help attract the best candidates, everybody involved in the process must be on the same page. They must share the same philosophy about the process, and they must communicate with everybody else involved with it.

Paying careful attention to the hiring process is akin to the woodsman who sharpens his blade for an hour before cutting down the tree, and then needs only minutes to accomplish his task.

Don’t expect to hire the best candidates with a dull hiring process. Sharpen that process, and then hire the best candidates in just a matter of weeks.

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