It seems like you can’t go a full week without reading a news article or seeing a report on television or the Internet about a hacking incident.

They happen so frequently these days that some people hardly notice them anymore. However, the companies being hacked certainly notice. That’s because they’re losing data, they’re losing money, and they’re losing credibility—not necessarily in that order.

As you might imagine, they’re also taking steps to ensure that they won’t be hacked in the future. That’s why they’re willing to invest in machine learning technology.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. Simply put, it provides computer systems with the ability to learn without having to be programmed.

Of course, there are countless films that have exaggerated the potential horrors of artificial intelligence (or AI), including the Terminator series of movies. Skynet is the perfect example of AI gone wrong.

In the real world, though, machine learning holds tremendous potential in the “war against hackers.” That’s because these computers are able to make adjustments to situations when exposed to new data.

However, the true value of machine learning technology resides not in a computer system’s ability to react to changing circumstances and data, but in its ability to predict future attacks. Specifically, these systems recognize patterns, use those patterns to predict malicious intent, and then take the steps necessary to avert impending disaster.

The fact of the matter is that cyber attacks are not only becoming more and more frequent, but they’re also becoming more and more sophisticated. Companies can not afford to skimp when investing in the security of their hardware and software systems.

Below are just some of the skills you should possess while working in the field of machine learning technology:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • Applied Math and Algorithms
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Modeling and Evaluation

Here’s the good news: the average salary for those who work in the machine learning field is around $100,000, with senior-level engineers earning $130,000 and above. Of course, as more companies are hacked and as more of them put a greater emphasis on security, these figures will continue to rise.

Machine learning is an excellent field to enter, offering tremendous potential and a world of possibilities for professional growth and advancement.

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