Welcome to the next blog post in our series about things that a professional in the Engineering or Information Technology fields can do to limit their career opportunities. We started the series with a post about why not being willing to relocate can hamper your career growth and potential. The next post in the series dealt with working for a competitor and how feelings of disloyalty can ultimately hurt your career.

In this blog post, we’re going to wrap up our series and address the perils associated with not networking enough.

When we talk about networking, we’re talking about all forms of networking. Yes, it does include social media sites such as LinkedIn. However, it also includes face-to-face networking. That’s why attending conferences and trade shows are important.

It’s a very simple equation. If you limit your networking activities, then you’re essentially limiting your career opportunities. It’s not just what you know that contributes to your professional growth. It’s also who you know. It’s both of these things, really.

After all, what good is having all the knowledge in the world if you’re not in a position to take full advantage of that knowledge? Networking allows you to position yourself effectively, so that you can gain access to more and better opportunities.

Networking is like anything else in your career. You must invest in it. You must invest a certain amount of time, energy, and effort. You can’t expect to receive a return on anything if you don’t invest in it, and the return that you receive on your investment in networking could change your life.

So plan to invest in your networking activities, both online and in person. Create a list of priorities for yourself and assess how you’ll address those priorities. This might entail some research, specifically finding out what networking events are available this year within your chosen field. In the interest of furthering your career, you may have to attend one or two of these events.

Yes, you might consider it an inconvenience to attend. Yes, you might be an introvert who is not comfortable in crowds or speaking to people. These are things that you must overcome if you wish to maximize your career potential.

Something else you should do is align yourself with a recruiting firm that has a track record of success helping professionals just like you. That’s because recruiters have all sorts of information that you do not. This includes information about the top employers in the market, which of those employers are looking to hire, and what those employers are looking for in job candidates.

Recruiters also possess expertise about the hiring process, including the interview and offer stage, which are two of the most important stages of the process. Not only can a recruiter help you “get your foot in the door” with a great new employer, but they can also help you go through the door, so that you can further your career.

So while you’re increasing your networking efforts, make sure that a recruiter is part of your overall plan for progress and improvement.

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