We’ve addressed the topic of personal branding before in The Doepker Group blog. To recap, the way in which you brand yourself depends upon the experience that you provide to people when you interact with them.

More specifically, personal branding centers upon the experience that people feel they’ve had with you. That’s because you might think that you’ve provided a certain experience, but the experience that the other person believes they received differs from what you believe you provided.

This is why it’s critically important to be self-aware in the professional setting and within the employment marketplace. Being self-aware means that you’re aware of how you “come across” to other people. In other words, you’re aware of the type of experience that you provide. You might not know the exact experience that you provide, but you have a pretty good idea.

Below are three ways that not being sufficiently self-aware can hurt you professionally:

#1—It can prevent you from receiving a promotion.

If you’re not self-aware, then you might not know how your boss and/or other members of management perceive you. In fact, you might think they perceive you in a positive way, when it fact, the reality of the situation is quite the opposite. Or they may not view you in a negative fashion, per se, but they don’t view you in a positive enough way to merit a promotion. So they promote somebody else.

#2—It can prevent you from receiving a raise.

A raise usually comes with a promotion, although that is not always the case. Sometimes, a raise will accompany a promotion, but sometimes it does not. And sometimes a professional will receive a raise, even though they did not also receive a promotion. However, if you are not self-aware, you could miss out on both a raise and a promotion. (That’s a double-whammy.)

#3—It can prevent you from receiving a job offer.

This is where not being self-aware can be really troublesome. Because if you’re not receiving a promotion and/or raise at your current employer, then you might be tempted to pursue other employment opportunities. However, if you interview poorly because you’re not aware of how you’re being perceived, then it will be next to impossible to escape your current employment situation.

The issue of personal branding is an important one in today’s employment marketplace. Focus on providing the best experience you possibly can as consistently as you can. It could be the key to growing your career the way that you want to grow it.

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