On the one hand, hiring successfully appears to be complex. After all, there are human beings involved. Whenever humans are involved, things tend to become more complex.

However, humans are also fairly predictable, which can take some of guesswork out of dealing with them. In today’s employment marketplace and accompanying hiring environment, time is of the essence. (Time is more valuable than ever because it’s scarcer than ever.)

For employers and hiring managers, this means they must find a way to cut through the complexity. They must streamline processes and procedures and devise strategies for identifying and hiring the best candidates in the marketplace.

And just hiring them is NOT enough. Because what’s the point of hiring the best candidates if your organization is not able to retain the services of those candidates as employees for the long haul? No good, that’s what. In other words, successful hiring is dependent upon high rates of retention.

If your company’s retention rates are not high, then your hiring will ultimately not be as effective as it could be.

There is one word that can help to cut through the complexity. It’s a word that you have no doubt heard before, but its broad application can help to simplify the problem that many employers are experiencing in this current candidates’ market.

That word is engagement. In a candidates’ market, employers must effectively engage candidates and employees. What does this mean? Well, there are two parts to the process: initially engaging them and then keeping them engaged. To put it another way, it means getting their attention and then holding their attention.

And the two places where engagement is important are, of course, in hiring and in retention.

Engagement in hiring

It’s important to engage candidates in the hiring process simply because the top candidates in the market are probably not even looking for a new job. Since that’s the case, you must engage them simply to convince them to consider your opportunity. Then, once they’re in the hiring process, you have to continually engage them to convince them to stay in the process. It is quite difficult to hold the attention of top talent these days. It takes time and it takes effort, but it’s necessary. If you do not successfully engage these candidates, then you will not successfully hire these candidates.

Engagement in retention

Once you hire the candidate that you want to hire and that candidate becomes an employee, the engagement certainly does not stop there. That’s because you have to keep them engaged. You must hold their attention. You must convince them that joining your organization was the best move for their career, both now and in the future. Obviously, this is a multi-faceted endeavor, requiring the contributions of many different people throughout the organization. However, it’s not an option if you want to keep your best employees. It’s mandatory.

How well does your company engage candidates during the hiring process? How well does it engage existing employees and keep them engaged so that they don’t pursue other employment opportunities?

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