In a previous blog post, we discussed “Why Being Referred is the Best Way to Improve Your Candidacy.” With this blog post, we’re going to piggy-back off that idea, so to speak, and discuss the topic from a slightly different perspective.

That perspective? Applying for positions through an online job board.

There’s a reason that the big job boards are so popular: people like to use them. And why do they like to use them? Because there are a lot of opportunities on those job boards.

Except maybe the reason is that there is the illusion of a lot of opportunities instead. That’s because when you see a position posted on a job board, there are a few things about which you do NOT know:

  1. The job might not still be open. Yes, hiring authorities do fill positions and then forget to take down their postings.
  2. The job might be close to being filled. For all you know, the second you hit “submit” on your computer’s keyboard, the company’s top candidate is accepting an offer of employment.
  3. Whether or not anybody will even SEE your application and/or resume. These days, applicant tracking systems often sort resumes. There’s no guarantee that your application will be seen by human eyes.

So are there opportunities posted on online job boards? Yes, absolutely. However, we’re talking about opportunities by degrees.

  • If the job is not open, then there is NO opportunity (0% degree of opportunity).
  • If the job is close to being filled, then there is a slim opportunity (10% degree of opportunity). “So you’re saying there’s a chance?!”
  • If you don’t even know if human eyes will see your application and/or resume, that’s approximate to a “shot in the dark.” (Let’s call it 50% degree of opportunity, just to be on the optimistic side.)

So what is at the heart of this discussion is the REAL meaning of an employment opportunity. What makes an opportunity . . . an actual opportunity and not just the ghost of one or the promise of one? Well, as we’ve already discussed, a REAL opportunity:

  • Has not been filled yet.
  • Is not close to being filled.
  • Is actually attainable because a human being has seen your application and/or resume.

Technology and the Internet are both great. They’ve changed the face of the employment marketplace and improved efficiencies in countless ways. However, they haven’t always improved efficiencies for job seekers and candidates. When it comes to finding out if an opportunity is really an opportunity, dealing with human beings is the best way to go.

That’s one of many reasons why being referred is the best way to improve your candidacy. Being referred by the Internet or by an online job posting is nowhere near as effective.

The Doepker Group has plenty of job openings available on our website. However, there is a human being behind each and every one of them. All you have to do is pick up the telephone to speak to somebody about a job opening and the goals that you have for your career. We would be happy to speak with you.

We encourage you to contact The Doepker Group. In addition, we invite you to search through the employment opportunities that we have to offer. You can also create an online profile and submit your resume.

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