In a previous blog post, we discussed the state of the current employment marketplace. Specifically, we addressed the candidates’ market and what it means for professionals working in the Engineering and Information Technology fields.

To recap, a candidates’ market means more employment opportunities for all candidates. In addition, it means the most opportunities and the best opportunities for top candidates.

But why is this important if you’re happy in your current job? Wouldn’t all of this be meaningless to you? Why expend valuable time, energy, and effort thinking about something that doesn’t apply to you?

Well, we have answers to these questions.

Let’s start with your present job. No matter how happy and content you might be, do you plan to retire at your current employer? Retirement age is typically 65 years old. Do you plan to stay at your employer until you’re that age?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it before. Regardless, the answer to the question is probably “No.”

So if you’re not going to retire with your current employer, then you’re going to take a new job with another employer eventually. It might not be this year. Or next year. But it will happen.

However, what’s uncertain is whether or not you’ll have leverage when that situation arrives. And if you do have leverage, how much leverage will you have?

You might be a little confused at this point, so let’s work backwards:

  • To find the best employment opportunity possible, you must have leverage. To put it another way, you should be able to wait until you find the best opportunity and not be forced to take a job that does not represent an optimal situation.
  • To have leverage, you must have options. The plural form of that last word is important. You must have more than one option. It’s imperative to have multiple options, and one of those options can include your present job with your current employer.
  • To have options, you must know what opportunities exist in the marketplace. When you’re aware of the opportunities, then you can identify which potential options exist for you.

The problem that some professionals make is not exploring opportunities and identifying options in the marketplace. Then something unexpected happens and they lose their job, often through no fault of their own. And then they have no options and no leverage, and they’re forced to make decisions they would rather not make.

This is why and how options give you the power of professional leverage. And if you’re seeking to grow your career the way that you want to grow it, on your own terms, then you need that leverage.

And once again, The Doepker Group can help.

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