Fear is one of the main reasons that people often don’t move forward in their career. And there are many different types of fear. (Fear of the COVID-19 pandemic is just one of them.)

However, a type of fear that has been prevalent long before the coronavirus arrived on the scene is the fear of rejection. This makes sense, of course, because people don’t like the feeling of being rejected.

But if you want to grow your career and reach your full potential, then you must find a way to combat this fear and not let it affect in adverse ways. With this in mind, below are four ways that you can combat and overcome the fear of rejection in your career:

#1—Do not focus on the fear.

Look at this way. When you think about fear, then you’re fearful. That only makes sense. When you give something attention, you’re validating it in your mind. You’re giving it power, and you don’t want to do that.

#2—Visualize success instead of visualizing failure.

In order to experience a more positive future, you have to think about that future first. To reach your goals, you have to visualize those goals. If you visualize fear and failure, then you are more likely to experience that outcome. Professional golfers do this all the time. They visualize a successful shot before they swing their club.

#3—Do not minimize the value that you can provide to others.

When we say this, we mean minimize your value in your own mind. Everything starts in your mind. You have to recognize the value that you can provide and offer. In fact, you have to believe that what you can offer is so valuable that other people will want to benefit from it. And that includes your current employer and potential new employers.

#4—View yourself as both valuable and worthy.

This is an extension of #3 on our list. The more that you view yourself as worthy, the more you will believe that other people view you as worthy. Even if you have tremendous worth as a person and a professional, if you don’t believe that you do, then it will be more difficult for you to reach your career goals.

Take these steps today to start conquering the fear of rejection. And position yourself for more success and more career growth!

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