You only have to go as far as the Internet to find countless articles about how to conduct a great job search.  In fact, we’ve published many such articles in this very blog.

The problem for job seekers is often one of information overload.  With so much information, how do you keep it all straight, how do you know which information is better for which situation, etc.?

Well, in this particular blog post, we’re going to simplify things and present perhaps the best piece of advice for your job search.

Many times, job seekers become fixated upon making sure that ALL criteria are met when it comes to finding a new employment opportunity, and if that criteria isn’t met completely, then they dismiss the opportunity immediately.  That can be a mistake of career proportions.

That’s because evaluating an employment opportunity demands looking at the opportunity as a whole, assessing everything that it offers as a entire package, and not just focusing on certain specific elements.

Now, of course, pay and compensation are always paramount in a job seeker’s mind when evaluating an opportunity.  However, those comprise just one element.  There are others, and they should be weighed carefully during the evaluation process.  They include the following five:

  1. The company’s culture
  2. The company’s core values
  3. Training opportunities
  4. Chance for advancement and promotion
  5. The commute

Which brings us to perhaps the best piece of advice for your job search: no job is perfect.

When you’re evaluating the criteria associated with an opportunity, it’s not probable that the opportunity is going to meet all of the criteria listed above perfectly.  As a result, it should not be dismissed if that is the case.

The key is to determine which criteria are most important to you (“must-haves”) and which ones aren’t as important (“like-to-haves”) and then assess the situation accordingly.  If the opportunity meets most of the criteria, especially the “must-haves,” then you should seriously consider the position.

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure that you secure an offer of employment by standing out as the premier candidate during the hiring process.

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