Everybody wants to find a great employment opportunity. Everybody wants to find that great new job that will take their career to the next level. They want to excel and they want to enjoy a high level of satisfaction while they’re excelling.

But sometimes, people think too much and over-analyze a situation. “Paralysis by analysis” does exist and it’s caused more than one professional to make poor decisions regarding their employment situation and their career.

That’s why in this particular blog post, we’re going to discuss some practical tips for finding your next great employment opportunity. They could be called practical and underutilized. However, they could be just what you need this year to grow your career in the way you want.

Below are three such tips:

#1—Don’t only look for the “perfect position.”

Here at The Doepker Group, we encourage our clients not to hold out for “perfect candidates.” That usually only results in frustration, not to mention an open position that stays open for far longer than it should.

On the flip side of that coin, we also encourage candidates to not dismiss an opportunity because it doesn’t match a “perfect position” that they’re idolizing in their minds. No opportunity is perfect. But it IS just what it sounds like—an opportunity. And the best way to find out more about an opportunity is to explore it.

#2—Consider the whole package, not just the starting salary.

Yes, the starting salary is important. Generally, when you’re changing jobs, one of the reasons that you’re doing so is for more money. However, when it comes to your career, you’re looking for more than just money, aren’t you? That’s why, when you’re assessing an opportunity, you should be looking at the whole package and not just cash.

Consider the company for which you might be working (is it prestigious?), the company culture, the opportunities for advancement, etc. Even if the salary isn’t quite as high as you would like, perhaps some of these other perks make the opportunity just as enticing and just as likely to help your career.

#3—Don’t discount a lateral move if it makes sense.

For those people looking to grow their career, a lateral move is usually looked upon with disdain. Or at the very least, with indifference. However, that does not mean these types of moves should be automatically dismissed. They should still be explored, for many of the same reasons that we listed in #2 above. Not only that, but a lateral move is often the best time to make the most of a salary increase.

Sure, the job duties and responsibilities might be roughly the same, but the opportunity might include a 5% to 10% increase in starting salary. (In some cases, it could be even more than that, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the situation.) That’s not to say that all lateral moves make sense. But it is to say that not all lateral moves don’t make sense.

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