If there’s one universal truth when it comes to hiring, it’s this:

No matter the size of the candidate pool, finding, recruiting, and hiring the best candidates available is always a difficult proposition. 

Why is this the case? Let’s take the Great Recession as an example. When the recession hit, a lot of people lost their jobs, which resulted in a surge in the number of job seekers.

However, did that also result in more superstar candidates actively looking for work in the marketplace?

While it’s true that some top performers were victims of the Great Recession, largely through no fault of their own, it could be argued that the majority of these performers kept their jobs.   So did the surge in the number of job seekers make it any less difficult to find these top performers?

No, it did not. If anything, it made it more difficult to find them, especially if you relied upon job ads and other more passive search methods.

We’ve addressed this subject before, namely in the blog post “5 Tips for Attracting the Best Candidates in the Market.” However, you want to do more than just attract them. You want to successfully recruit and hire them.

There are certain things that are ultimately important to superstar candidates, and below is a ranking of the top five:

#5—Recognition for their accomplishments

Not all top candidates want recognition, but for most of them, a little recognition goes a long way. Simply providing that recognition is an easy way to engage them and keep them engaged.

#4—Work that’s challenging and stimulating

This might seem like a no-brainer, but top candidates, by their very nature, seek out this type of work. They’re like sponges, always looking to soak up more information, more training, and more knowledge.

#3—Opportunities for growth and advancement

Superstar candidates always want to be moving forward, and companies must provide them with a path and a plan for doing so . . . or they’ll move forward to somewhere else.

#2—A healthy work/life balance with a flexible schedule

This is especially true of the Millennial Generation, but every candidate craves more balance and flexibility in their life. Some crave it even more than money and other compensation.

#1—An outstanding leadership team with vision and direction

The best candidates want to work for the best companies, and the best companies have the best management teams. You can’t hire superstar candidates if your company doesn’t have the people necessary to lead them.

So, let’s say you successfully attract and hire superstar candidates. What’s next?

You retain them, and we previously posted a blog regarding that topic: “THIS is How You Retain Your Top Employees.”

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