In a previous blog post, we discussed the reasons why people are unhappy with their job. One of those reasons, according to Hired’s Dream Jobs Report, is “Few or no opportunities for advancement.”

That fact is relevant due to the topic of this particular blog post, which also involves a survey. Gartner, a global research and advisory firm in Connecticut, recently polled 22,000 people from across 40 countries in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

Gartner’s survey results included a lot of interesting information:

  • The top reason that workers cited for leaving their previous job was lack of career opportunities or opportunities for advancement within the company. (That reason falls perfectly in line with the results of Hired’s survey and their Dream Jobs Report that was based on those results.)
  • Only 16% of those surveyed are willing to “go the extra mile” at work. Yes, that’s globally, but what about the United States specifically? In this country, 23% of workers are willing to do extra work. In 2013, that figure was 27% in Gartner’s annual survey.
  • The amount of employee raises on a global basis has been meager during the past year, averaging somewhere between 1% and 2%. This basically constitutes what is known as a “cost of living raise.” That means the amount of the raise is essentially the same as the annual increase in the cost of living. Which means . . . that the raise is really not a raise at all, since the additional money is erased by the increased cost of living.

Okay, so what do we have here?

We have a lot of workers who feel as though there aren’t many (if any) opportunities for advancement at their current employer.

By and large, those employees are not “going the extra mile” at work, most likely for the very reason that they believe those opportunities do not exist.

In addition, those same workers can expect to receive a “cost of living raise” in the range of 1% to 2%.

So to sum it all up, the vast majority of workers not only feel as though they have no real opportunities at their employer, but they can also probably expect to receive a raise in 2018 that is not really a raise. So that begs the question: what’s keeping them at their current job?

The answer: nothing!

All of that is the bad news. However, there is plenty of good news. That good news starts with the fact that we’re in a candidates’ market that offers plenty of opportunities for professionals who are facing unsavory employment situations. Those opportunities bring with them both the prospect of new and better career options and more in the way of salary and compensation.

When a person moves from one job to another, it typically involves an increase in pay. Is that increase in pay usually around 1% or 2%? Absolutely not! In the vast majority of cases, the increase is much more substantial. That’s because organizations have to make a compelling offer if they want to hire the best candidates in the marketplace.

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