Everybody wants to stand out during the hiring process. The reason: it can help you to secure an offer of employment from a preferred employer.

We explored this topic in our previous blog post. That post was titled, “The Top Soft Skills That Can Lead to an Offer of Employment.” But what if we took soft skills (and hard skills, for that matter) out of the equation? How can you still stand out from other candidates?

The good news: below are five ways that you can stand out to a potential employer during the hiring process:

#1—An impeccable resume

When we say impeccable, we don’t just mean the contents of your resume (i.e., your skills and experience). We also mean the way in which the resume is presented, including the paper upon which it’s printed, the writing style, and whether or not it contains any spelling and/or grammatical errors. Your resume should be pristine. Have as many people read over it as you possibly can.

#2—Quick response time

If you apply for a position and somebody contacts you about that position, respond as soon as you can. This indicates a high level of interest. It also indicates that you are not going to waste the time of the person who reached out to you. Not only that, but accurately or not, it also sends the message that you’re not a lazy individual. (Remember, perception is the basis for most of reality.) Responsiveness is an overlooked but very important part of the hiring process for job seekers.

#3—Thorough communication

Miscommunication can happen during any point of the hiring process. However, if you make it a priority to not only respond quickly, but also to communicate well, your efforts will be noticed. A good guideline is to try to over-communicate. That’s because when you attempt to do that, you usually end up communicating just enough.

#4—An emphasis on value and problem solving

We’ve written about this before, but the employer cares most about the value that you can provide to the organization. This value involves your ability to solve problems that the employer is currently experiencing. After all, that’s why company officials are hiring in the first place. They have problems they’re trying to solve through the addition of new employees. Emphasize your value throughout the entire process, from the resume to the face-to-face interview. Speaking of which . . .

#5—An engaging face-to-face interview

The interview stage of the hiring process is extremely critical. It represents your chance to make a tremendous first impression and to brand yourself in the best way possible. In addition to emphasizing the value that you can bring to the organization, also strive to be engaging, positive, and full of energy. Also, don’t forget to research both the company and the position to the best of your ability and ask intelligent and targeted questions. If you don’t impress those conducting the interview, then you will NOT stand out from among other candidates.

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