The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down, and that definitely includes the employment marketplace. While the hospitality, food, and service industries appear to be suffering the most at this point, the pandemic is creating ripples being felt all throughout the economy.

So what should employers be doing right now? Well, in addition to practicing safe social distancing protocols within the workplace, they can interview candidates in a responsible and practical way. And that way includes the use of video interviewing.

Video interviews are an excellent way to continue hiring top talent during these uncertain times. Below are five steps for conducting effective video interviews with candidates:

#1—Choose a video platform or software (and test, test, test!).

There are a lot of platforms from which to choose, including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, and Webex. It’s important to test your system and your process several times before conducting your first video interview. Among the things you should test are your Internet signal, the quality of the sound, and also the quality of the video picture.

#2—Create an interviewing plan centered around your platform.

There’s a good chance that the members of your hiring team may not be accustomed to video interviewing, especially if you haven’t done much of it in recent years. And let’s face it, the virus has already created plenty of confusion and uncertainty. The last thing you want to do is add to it.

#3—Choose an appropriate setting for the interviews.

This is the same advice that you would give to a job candidate. Where candidates see you and the members of your team is important. That’s because it helps to form their opinion of your organization, and you want that opinion to be as positive as possible. That’s why the setting you choose should be clean and uncluttered, well lit, professional looking, and not noisy at all.

#4—Communicate and set expectations with everybody.

When we say “everybody,” we mean everybody within your organization who is associated with the interviewing and hiring process and also the job candidates. Speaking of the candidates specifically, they need to know which platform or software you’ll be using, a timeline for when things will happen, and a phone number to call in case there are complications. Accidents do happen, after all.

#5—Focus on successful engagement.

Successfully engaging job candidates during an interview is tough even when there is no pandemic, but it’s even more difficult during times like these. Remember, it’s still your job to “sell” to candidates at all levels. This includes the opportunity itself, as well as the organization and the company culture. And you can’t “sell” effectively if you’re not engaging enough.

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