Professionals often get confused about recruiters, especially when a recruiter reaches out to them. This confusion is further exacerbated when a recruiter has never reached out to them before. Typically, they don’t know what to do. They don’t know what to say.

Because of this, they sometimes do and say the wrong things. They think they’re doing the right thing, but in actuality, that is not the case.

In the interest of clearing up this confusion so that you can accurately assess the situation and put yourself in a better position to take advantage of it, we’re going to analyze your conversation with a recruiter. Specifically, we’re going to address what such a conversation means and what it does NOT mean.

So let’s get right down to business . . .

Talking with a recruiter means the following:

#1—You are considered a top candidate in your field.

If you were not considered a top candidate, then the recruiter would not be contacting you. It’s that simple. When you think of it this way, you should probably feel flattered that the recruiter is reaching out. They certainly don’t have to. They’re looking for top talent, and they believe that YOU represent top talent.

#2—There is an employment opportunity available that is better than your current job.

The recruiter is not going to bother you and waste both your time and their time by contacting you about a job that is not better than the job you have right now. Why is that? Because they know that you are not going to consider a job unless it is better than the job you currently have. So if they’re reaching out, that means they have something better.

Talking with a recruiter does NOT mean the following things:

#1—You are a disloyal employee.

This is where many people trip themselves up. Feelings of loyalty are not bad, in and of themselves. Everybody can agree that loyalty is basically a good thing. However, priorities are important. Putting feelings of loyalty to your employer over feelings of loyalty to yourself can short-circuit your career opportunities.

#2—You’re going to be “found out” and then fired.

Some professionals believe they can be fired just for speaking with a recruiter. That is a myth. Just because you talk with a recruiter does not mean that you’re disloyal, as we pointed out above. This is what happens when people allow fear to run rampant in their minds.

These people begin to entertain the worst-case scenario. They don’t see the opportunity in the situation. They’re too busy thinking about being called into their boss’s office and then fired. This is not a practical nor logical line of thinking.

You don’t even have to wait for a recruiter to reach out and contact you first. You can contact a recruiter and have a conversation with them any time you want.

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