One of the hottest topics in the hiring market these days is what the Millennial Generation wants in a new job.  There’s no doubt that Millennials are different than any generation that came before it, especially the Baby Boomers, who are slowly exiting the workforce right now.

So—what do Millennials want in a new job?

Well, it just so happens that HR technology firm Software Advice conducted a survey, one drawn from over 1,300 applications they received for their open sales positions.  On those applications, they asked candidates to answer the following question: “What is most important to you in a job.”

Since the vast majority of people applying for Software Advice sales positions are Millennials, this question shed some light on what this generation is seeking in employment.

According to the survey, below are the 12 things that Millennial candidates want most in a job, ranked #12 down through #1:

#12—Good management

#11—Work/life balance


#9—Employees are valued

#8—Challenging work

#7—Confidence in product/company

#6—Strong team/co-workers


#4—Growth and development

#3—Fulfillment and satisfaction

#2—Culture and atmosphere

#1—Salary and benefits

While “salary and benefits” was #1, that answer barely beat out “fulfillment and satisfaction” and “culture and atmosphere.”  What does that mean?

It means a strong compensation package will only take a company so far when it comes to recruiting Millennials.  If that company also doesn’t have the other things that Millennials crave, it won’t be able to hire them.  And if it somehow manages to hire them, it won’t be able to retain them.

How does your company stack up when it comes to offering the things that Millennials want the most?

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