Job seekers often wonder what makes them a “good candidate.”

They contemplate this after applying for a number of jobs for which they believe they ARE qualified, only to not receive an offer or employment, or in some cases, to not be contacted about the position at all.

Unfortunately, there is often a discrepancy between what the job seeker believes makes them qualified and what the company believes make them qualified. Perhaps you’ve wondered what exactly is different about how you see yourself (and your resume) and how a potential employer sees you.

What makes you a “good candidate” is only partly about skills, talent, and experience. There are other factors involved, as well, as you can see by the list below.

Here are three things that make you a solid candidate to a potential employer.

#1—You have the majority of the skills that are required for the position.

What does “majority” mean? It means approximately 85% to 90% of those skills. In other words, if you don’t have all of the skills that are required, then you’d better have all but one of them. Possessing “most” of them or 75% of them just won’t cut it.

#2—Your salary requirements are in line with what the company is willing to offer.

This isn’t a bartering session. Company officials aren’t starting low in terms of salary because they know you’re going to ask for a lot more and they can meet you somewhere in the middle. Companies define a salary range for a reason: specifically, they want a candidate who falls in that range. While it’s true that there’s a high end to the range, attempting to eclipse that high end may take you out of the running.

#3—Your main motivation for leaving your current employer is something other than money.

As you can see, this point dovetails nicely with the one above. Why does this matter? Simply put, if money is your main motivation for changing jobs, then it’s logical to assume that you’ll be more prone to accepting a counter-offer—or a “better” offer from somewhere else. That’s a situation that every employer wants to avoid.

If you want to be considered a “good candidate” by employers who are offering premium opportunities for exciting career advancement, you MUST meet these three criteria.

If you don’t, there’s a good chance you won’t make it past the phone interview.

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