We’ve discussed the topic of successful hiring on a few occasions within this blog. Specifically, we’ve addressed some of the characteristics, both tangible and intangible, that top candidates possess.

However, a bigger picture exists. Without an understanding of that bigger picture, it becomes more difficult to address the details associated with successfully hiring top candidates. And that’s the goal: not only to hire the best candidates in the marketplace, but also to hire them consistently.

That’s how you gain an advantage over your competition. When it comes to hiring and personnel, talent rules. It can mean the difference between being a frontrunner within the industry and being stuck back in the pack, among the also-rans.

With all of this in mind, below are four BIG steps critical to hiring success:

#1—Identifying the top candidates for your open positions

The depth of the talent pool is an important consideration in terms of hiring success. You must start with a talent pool that is as deep as possible. If you hire the best candidate from a shallow pool, just how talented is that candidate? That’s why the identification of the top candidates in the marketplace is critical. The logic is simple: you can’t hire the best candidates if you don’t know who they are.

#2—Generating interest in these candidates for your open positions

Just because you identify the top candidates doesn’t mean that those candidates are going to automatically be interested in your opening. Actually, quite the contrary will probably be the case. That’s because they’re top candidates. They’re more than likely satisfied with their current situation. Their employer compensates and treats them well, and they’re not even looking for a new position. That’s why this step is so important. You have to convince these candidates that your opportunity is better than the one they already have.

#3—Successfully engaging those candidates throughout the process

Okay, the candidates are interested in your opening and they’ve agreed to join your hiring process. That’s great, but now you must keep them in the process. Just because they agreed to enter it doesn’t mean that they’ve agreed to say in it until the bitter end. No, they reserve the right to drop out at any time. It’s your job to keep them engaged, which means communicating with them often and letting them know where they stand in the process. If the best candidates drop out of the process, then you won’t be able to hire them. It’s as simple as that.

#4—Extending an offer to your top candidate that they accept

We’re almost to the promised land! However, this is not the time to cruise to the finish line. You have to finish strong by making a compelling offer to your top choice. That’s because there’s a good chance that they’re also interviewing with other companies. They might receive offers from competing organizations at the same time you extend yours. So make sure that your offer is the best offer that you can make. Don’t short-change top talent. There’s always going to be somebody who is willing to pay the best candidates what they’re worth.

If you fail in any of these four steps, that failure puts the entire process in jeopardy. Doing three of the four simply will not cut it, especially when you’re trying to hire the best candidates. The margin for error is painfully thin.

A search consultant can help with all four of these crucial steps. They know who the top players are, they know how to generate interest in your opportunities, they know how to keep candidates engaged, and they know how to close them at the end of the process. That’s why aligning yourself with an experienced recruiting firm is one of the most strategic hiring decisions you can make . . . especially in today’s challenging job market.

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