So far this year, we’ve discussed three simple steps to prepare for career growth, as well as five advanced steps for accomplishing the same goal.

But what about the proper mindset?

You might think this is not as important as the other things that we’ve already discussed, but that is not the case. In fact, quite the opposite is the case. Your mindset and how you approach things are of paramount importance in regards to your employment situation, your professional life, and your career.

Even if you follow all of the other steps, unless you have the proper mindset, then all of those other steps do not matter nearly as much.

There are two main steps involved in creating this proper mindset:

#1—Being open to opportunity

This does NOT mean take every opportunity that is presented to you. Instead, it means being open to exploring opportunities that are presented to you if it makes sense. Remember, just because you explore an opportunity does not mean that you have to take it, if the opportunity is not right for you or does not make sense.

However, without opportunities, there is no growth. In order to find the right opportunity, sometimes you must have a group of opportunities from which to choose.

#2—Not letting fear rule your decisions

This is good advice for just about any situation, but it also pertains to your employment situation, your professional life, and your career. Unfortunately, some people allow fear to rule important decisions regarding their career. As a result, they miss out on great opportunities that could have changed their life for the better. You do not want to join this group of people.

With all of this in mind, it’s a good idea to align yourself with an experienced recruiter or search consultant who has a track record of placing people just like you. The right recruiter has knowledge that they can share with you. They have relationships with hiring managers and they can provide advice and guidance regarding the interviewing and hiring process. Not only that, but they can also be on the lookout for your ideal job, and once they come across it, they can alert you.

Do you have the proper mindset for career growth and development this year? Focus on the right things, be open to opportunity, and get ready to enjoy a great year in 2021!

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