A few weeks ago, we blogged about “The Top 5 Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders and Managers.” Well, as good as those leaders and managers might be, they also make a big mistake—to one degree or another.

In fact, this is the biggest mistake that ALL leaders make, according to the article “The 5 Biggest Mistakes All Leaders Make” by Geoff Smart, Randy Street, and Alan Foster on the Time.com website. According to that article, what is the number-one most common mistake holding leaders back?

The complete inability to remove under-performers from their organization.

Not only that, but the article also identifies the top five reasons that leaders are unable to bring themselves to remove under-performers—or at least remove them in a timely fashion.

Those five reasons are as follows:

#1—They’re eternal optimists.

#2—They don’t want to “rock the boat.”

#3—They dislike conflict.

#4—They don’t want to look badly.

#5—They’re procrastinators by nature.

But wait! That’s right—there’s more. According to the authors’ exhaustive research, executives who excel at removing under-performers from their teams are more than twice as likely to enjoy a successful career than other leaders.

The reasons are fairly obvious, starting with the following two:

  1. Those executives are no longer spending time and effort on the employees, thus freeing up those resources for other things.
  2. Those executives likely replaced the employees with top candidates who turned into better, more productive employees.

How have you fared as a leader in this category? Have you been able to remove under-performing employees in a timely fashion? More importantly, were you able to replace them with top candidates?

An executive recruiting agency specializes in the area of first identifying and then recruiting top talent to fill companies’ most important positions. Aligning with such a firm could help you to enjoy more hiring (and career) success.

Click here to read the rest of the article on the Time.com website.

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