Even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic, there is still a shortage of top talent in the marketplace. (It makes sense when you think about it. The pandemic certainly didn’t create more top candidates.)

So—what should employers do?

The first and most effective step in recruiting and hiring the best and brightest people in your industry is the creation and execution of a sound recruiting strategy. This strategy is composed of many facets, but its effectiveness is tied directly to the number and nature of resources that are available to you.

So you must identify what those resources are and then decide which ones give you the best opportunity to find and recruit A-level candidates. These resources might include an internal database of candidates, job boards, advertising efforts, a referral program, or a relationship with a search firm in your niche.

It’s this last resource that could produce the type of candidates with the ability to help your company reach its future production and profit goals. However, there are two crucial components associated with this resource:

  1. You must align yourself with the best search firm in your industry.
  2. You must create and then continue to cultivate a strong relationship with that search firm.

Obviously, you want the best search firm to be working on finding you the best candidates. However, that’s not enough. Having a strong relationship with that firm is also important if you wish to reap the full benefits of what that resource has to offer.

Once you’ve identified—and secured the services of—a search firm, there are a couple of keys to establishing and maintaining a great relationship:

#1—Set expectations

What do you expect from your search firm during every step of the process? What do they expect from you? What are the parameters of the recruiting and hiring process? What exactly is your role? These are all questions that must be answered before the process even begins.

#2—Ongoing communication

This is vital in any relationship, business or personal. Providing timely feedback to your search firm and its recruiters about the candidates they present and the interviews that are conducted will ensure that they are able to move quickly and efficiently during the process. This will increase the chances that you’ll be able to hire the candidate you want . . . before your competition does.

Despite the lack of high-quality candidates in the marketplace, with the right search firm and a strong relationship, you can be the employer of choice for those candidates. Get started today. Take the necessary steps, and make your recruiting strategy—and the future of your company—the best that it can be.

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