For how many years now have we been hearing about “Big Data”? Everything’s about Big Data. It’s the “big thing” for organizations of all sizes across all industries.

However, has technology finally passed Big Data by?

Well, maybe not, but it’s certainly caught up to it. There are a couple of other phenomenon now on the scene, and they’re giving Big Data a run for its money. That’s because Big Data will only take you so far. Its value is limited to a certain extent.

There was always going to be a next logical step in this progression. This step involves both “Fast Data” and “Smart Data.”

Big Data vs. Fast Data

Having Big Data doesn’t set you apart anymore as an organization. Just about everybody has access to Big Data nowadays. However, how quickly you gather that data can set you apart.

Organizations that are able to compile data in close to real time will have the edge over their competition. Gathering valuable information about customers, products and services, and buying trends doesn’t do much good if by the time you gather that information, it’s already outdated. Or your competitors gathered it first.

Big Data vs. Smart Data

Companies must be able to do three things exceedingly well:

  1. Compile the data.
  2. Analyze the data.
  3. Take action based upon that analysis that will lead to more revenue generation and higher profits.

Sounds easy, right? As you might imagine, it’s more difficult than it appears.

It’s what you do with the data that counts the most, especially your analysis of it, and that’s where Smart Data enters the picture. Organizations collect large amounts of statistics and numbers and use intelligent algorithms to identify signals and patterns. They then analyze those signals and patterns to help set their course of action.

Where do YOU fit in?

Obviously, companies are seeking developers and programmers who can help them tackle their Fast Data and Smart Data endeavors. In fact, they want employees who can not only do that, but also help to see what’s on the horizon—what’s next, beyond even Fast Data and Smart Data.

Because just like Big Data, there’s always something else, there’s always something next. Nothing lasts forever, not in our world of rapidly changing technology.

That’s why it almost always pays off to invest in yourself and acquire the skills, training, and knowledge necessary to provide the value that organizations want most in their employees.

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