In a previous blog post, we discussed the fact that there is practically NO stigma attached to job hopping anymore. That, of course, is good news for job seekers and candidates who are looking to grow their career in the employment marketplace.

Where there is no perceived stigma, there is no fear. And where there is no fear, professionals can take the calculated risks and seize the opportunities that can take them where they want to go.

However, there may be more benefits associated with job hopping (for lack of a better term) than you realize. Now, we’ve addressed this topic before the The Doepker Group blog, specifically with the post “4 Prime Benefits Associated with Being a Job Hopper.”

In that blog post, we listed those four benefits. They were as follows:

  1. The chance to learn new skills and hone existing ones
  2. A wider range of experiences
  3. The potential for better compensation
  4. The chance for more excitement

While those benefits alone may be enough to convince you that changing jobs more frequently can benefit you and your career, there’s more. Specifically, there’s a hidden benefit.

Once again, this benefit is rooted in the evolving nature of the employment marketplace. On the one hand, since there is a lack of candidates (especially highly qualified ones), these candidates have the leverage in the marketplace. As a result, employers can not afford to simply dismiss professionals because they have a perceived history of changing jobs frequently.

On the other hand, employers are also slowly changing their perspective regarding professionals who could be viewed as job hoppers. Believe it or not, they’re starting to view candidates who change jobs more frequently to be more attractive than those who don’t.

Yes, that’s correct. There is now a stigma attached to professionals who do NOT change jobs more frequently.

Why is this the case? For one thing, employers value candidates who have diverse backgrounds and an array of experiences. They believe these backgrounds and experiences will help the candidates to more effectively meet challenges and solve problems if they become employees.

For another thing, employers are more likely to view professionals who have been with the same organization for many years as narrow minded and not able to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances that permeate the modern workplace. You might be of the opinion that such a view is not fair, but fair or not, this is now a reality of the marketplace.

This is why you should be constantly evaluating your current employment situation. Is it supplying you with everything that you want and need? Is something missing? If something is missing, what is that something?

Options abound in the marketplace, and the proper perspective can be the key to unlocking and enjoying the opportunities that accompany them.

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