In a previous blog post, we addressed the question, “Are You Happy and Fulfilled in Your Current Job?” And regardless of your answer to this question, there are other factors to consider when conducting an analysis of your current job situation and reflecting upon your possible career path.

Below are four major factors to consider in analysis of your job situation:

#1—The vision of the company (your employer)

There are three parts of this factor. First, your employer should actually have a vision. If it doesn’t, then that is definitely a problem.

Second, if your employer has a vision, then it should communicate that vision to it employees. That way, they can understand the vision and ultimately “buy into” it. And third, does the company’s vision compel you, both now and in the future?

#2—Your potential for growth and advancement at your employer

Your opportunities at advancement ultimately dictate how much you’ll be able to grow and how far you’ll be able to go. As a result, you should know what your career path is at your current employer and what you have to do in order to travel that path. After all, if there’s no potential for growth and advancement at your current employer . . . then what are you still doing there?

#3—Your family

You might have a spouse or a partner. You might have a spouse, a partner, and/or children. If so, then your company’s stance when it comes to its employees’ family time is an important consideration.

Is family one of the core values of your employer? If so, how does the company live out its core values in relation to how it treats its employees? How your employer measures up in this area is critical and a major factor in your job analysis.

#4—Your career

Where you want to go in your career should definitely be a factor in an analysis of your job and current employment situation. Start with the end in mind. Where do you ultimately want to be? Can your current employer help you get there? If not, which companies or organization can help you get there?

Which additional skills do you need? How can you acquire these skills? Can your current employer help you to acquire these skills . . . or not?

Even if you’re not actively contemplating a move, you should conduct an analysis of your current job and employment situation.

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