It’s a candidates’ market right now. That means all candidates have more employment opportunities and options available to them. It also means that the best candidates have the most options and they also have the best options.

Because of this, it’s more difficult to do the following things:

  • Identify the best candidates in the marketplace. (They’re not conducting an active job search, so if you don’t already know who they are, it can be a chore to find them.)
  • Convince the best candidates in the marketplace to consider your employment opportunity. That’s because they’re more than likely being treated very well by their current employer.
  • Recruit the best candidates for your open positions. Once you get them into the hiring process, your work is far from done. Now you have to keep them in the process.
  • Hire the best candidates for your open positions. Even if you get them into the hiring process and keep them in the process, that does not mean they’ll agree to work for your organization.

As you can plainly see, successfully engaging top talent in this current market is NOT easy. However, when you fail to do so, there are reasons why. And knowing what those reasons are is the first step toward remedying the situation and positioning your organization for more hiring success.

Below are the reasons why you’re not engaging top candidates in this market:

#1—They don’t believe your opportunity is better than the one they currently have.

Remember, these candidates are only going to make a move for something that they believe is definitely better. They’re not going anywhere for what they consider to be a lateral move. You can’t woo somebody if you don’t have something to woo them with.

#2—You did not “sell” the position or the organization.

One way to make sure that the candidate believes your opportunity is clearly better than what they have now is to convince them that’s the case! You can’t just roll out a dull job description and expect them to salivate over it. This is where they need to be recruited.

#3—You did not make them feel wanted.

This is the intangible part of the whole process. In addition to “selling” both the position and the organization, you must also make the candidate feel wanted. This includes during every interaction, whether it’s over the telephone or in person. If you want to hire the top candidates, then you must make the top candidates feel special. And one of the best reasons to do this is because they are special. (If they weren’t, then you wouldn’t be trying so hard to hire them in the first place.)

#4—You low-balled the offer.

If you’re dealing with a top candidate and you know you’re dealing with a top candidate, never low-ball the offer. You’re not going to hire top talent “on the cheap” in this current market. And the candidate is going to feel insulted. That’s a lose-lose outcome.

Successfully engaging top candidates in this current market requires time, energy, and effort. This amounts to what is an investment in your organization, an investment that will pay dividends if you’re able to hire the talent you want to hire. However, it’s difficult to take the time and expend the energy that’s necessary.

That’s why it makes sense to secure the services of a search consultant. They know the top candidates in the market, they know how to convince those candidates to consider your opportunity, and they know how to recruit those candidates. Put their experience and expertise to work for you and your organization!

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