You may have an idea of what your core values are as a professional. However, how much thought have you given to your core values?

This is a question you should consider, because you may be asked this question during a future phone interview, video interview, or in-person interview: “What are your core values?”

During the last several years, core values have become a central issue during the interview process, both for employers and for job seekers. The reason is simple. When companies are attempting to fill an important position within their organization, core values are an important factor when considering which job candidates to hire.

Let’s say for a minute that you have two job candidates. They’re both roughly the same as far as their skills and experience. How much the candidates fit into the company culture in terms of their core values could be the determining factor in which person the company hires.

So in your preparation to answer this all-important question, you should consider what things constitute your values. What are your personal values? What about your professional values? Where are there areas of overlap?

Perhaps more importantly, what are some examples of “core value” principles? They include the following:

  • The desire to build long-term relationships
  • The need to treat others with respect and to appreciate their time
  • Placing an emphasis on effective communication
  • A healthy work-life balance, which includes adequate vacation and recovery time

After determining what your core values are, you should determine what your employer’s core values are. What are those core values? Are those values readily apparent? Can you tell what they are just by observing the company in operation?

As you might imagine, it’s critical for an employee’s value to be line with their employer’s values. If they’re not in line, then it will be difficult for that employee to ultimately be fulfilled working for that organization.

Determining your core values is beneficial not just for your current employer, but also for possible future employers. After all, if you don’t plan to retire with your current employer, then you are going to change jobs at some point in the future.

And when you do, you’ll want to work for an organization that has the same core values that you do.

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