How you view your boss has a large impact on how you view your job. It’s very difficult to separate the two. However, what about when you get a new boss?

How do you help ensure that the transition is a smooth one? After all, the possibility exists for some friction, especially if you were passed over for a promotion in the process.

According to a recent article on the website, there are ways to accomplish that. That article is “5 Ways to Win Over Your New Boss” by Perry Yeatman.

With help from the article, below are the top three ways to handle a new boss, ranked in order (by us) from least important to most important:

#3—Listen, observe, and learn.

Since they’re your boss, they’re charged with leading you. So it would be not only in your best interests, but also in the best interests of the team for you to find out as much about them in as little time as possible. Among the things you will need to discover are their priorities, their leadership style, their communication style, and their expectations. When you’re in line and in tune with all of these items, you’ll be positioned in an optimum fashion for both collaborative and individual success.

#2—Champion the changes.

You’ve heard the time-worn phrase: “The only constant is change.” It’s 100% true. Change is going to happen. Heck, it’s already happened if you have a new boss. However, that’s likely just the beginning. More changes are on the horizon. Don’t resist them, but embrace them instead and become a positive, proactive part of them. This will further position you well to excel in this new situation, and you’ll be better able to contribute to future success.

#1—View the transition as an opportunity.

This is excellent advice for just about any situation. People who constantly look for opportunities are much more likely to find such opportunities. Do not dwell on any perceived negative aspects embedded within the circumstances. Instead, ask yourself, “Where do the opportunities exist?” They may not be readily apparent, but if you look hard enough, you will find them. And that’s an important first step in being able to take advantage of them.

Click here to read the article in its entirety and learn about more ways to handle your new boss.

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