In a previous blog post, we discussed how your resume and LinkedIn profile do not constitute your personal brand. They are merely starting points for helping you to achieve your career goals and ambitions.

However, when it comes to your resume, there’s ONE thing that will eliminate it—and quite possibly, you—from consideration at the very beginning of the process.

You have to remember: with as many resumes as hiring officials are seeing on a daily basis, they’re always seeking ways to look through the pile more quickly. That means devising methods for knocking certain resumes out of contention in the quickest way possible.

One of the ways that’s used the most is passing on a resume that contains a spelling error.

Yes, you could be a great candidate, and spelling might not have much to do with the position in question. And yes, ruling somebody out automatically on the basis of just one spelling error may not seem fair.

Unfortunately, though, that’s the reality of the situation. Every day, candidates are dismissed out of hand based on an error that was contained in their resume. Why? Because the hiring official can claim that the person doesn’t pay enough attention to detail.

Even those people who are excellent at both spelling and grammar can make a mistake, so don’t rely solely on yourself for proofreading your resume. Your motto should be, “The more eyes, the better!”

Follow these five steps before formally submitting your resume:

  1. Check the resume over yourself.
  2. Use a software spell-checker.
  3. Ask people you know and trust to read over the resume, checking for grammar, spelling, and usage errors.
  4. If you’re working with a recruiter, ask them to do the same. A recruiter can also evaluate the resume in regards to other criteria, as well.
  5. Check the resume over yourself one MORE time.

In today’s job market, your margin for error is small for many companies and the job openings they want to fill. Don’t give a hiring official an excuse to cast your resume—and your consideration—aside because of a careless spelling error.

Take the extra time up front to make sure your resume is flawless. Consider it an investment of time that could pay big dividends for your career.

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