There’s nothing like the feeling of landing a new job. Sure, there’s plenty of excitement and optimism . . . but there’s also a hint of trepidation.

After all, you want to do well in your new role. You want to be successful. You want to impress your new boss and colleagues.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to help ensure success. You just have to identify those things and be proactive in your pursuit of them. We’re talking about activities that are in addition to the typical onboarding program that an organization might offer to new employees.

Sure, you need to know where the bathrooms are and you need a copy of the employee handbook. However, you need to reach beyond the obvious and far surpass the bare minimum expectations.

Below are the top five things to do when landing a new job:

#5—Set specific goals for production.

Notice that we said “specific.” Vague or general goals won’t do. You need to articulate exactly what you expect to do during your first 30, 60, and 90 days of employment. Discuss these goals with your immediate supervisor. This will show your excitement for your new job, as well as your ambition. It’s a great way to immediately brand yourself with the organization.

#4—Identify time wasters . . . and get rid of them.

You’re in a new role with new responsibilities, which means you bring a fresh perspective. With that perspective, you might be able to see ways in which you can carry out the duties of the job more efficiently and effectively. Yes, you need to learn the duties first, but as you learn, think about ways in which to eliminate time wasting-activities and steps.

#3—Network with your new co-workers.

You have a new set of co-workers, and they don’t know much (if anything) about you. Do your best to remedy the situation. Seek out your co-workers and engage them in conversation. Be friendly and outgoing. Try to provide a positive experience with everybody you meet. This time and energy represents a valuable investment that you’re making. It can pay big dividends.

#2—Focus on effective collaborative efforts.

Your co-workers need to know more than just the fact you’re a friendly person. They need to know that you can work and play well with others . . . specifically them. Make a concerted effort to show that you can operate well within a group setting in the pursuit of shared goals. This is a great way to prove to company officials that they made the correct decision to hire you.

#1—Demonstrate your value to the organization.

In the employment marketplace, it’s all about value. Providing value is how you become a top employee. The more value that you provide, the less your employer can “live without you.” The other four items on this list all lead to this very important, overriding objective. The faster you can illustrate your value to everybody with whom you come into contact, the more quickly you will experience success in your new position.

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