In our previous blog post, we explored “Why and How to Conduct a Passive Job Search.”

In that post, we addressed the reasons why conducting a passive search when you’re already employed is the best way to look for a new job. We also provided some tips for conducting such a search.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the role that a recruiter can play in your passive job search and why you should seriously consider using one to find your next great employment opportunity.

Below is a list of reasons for using a recruiter for your passive job search:

#1—They work with candidates all the time.

Since they do, they’re used to working with candidates who are conducting a passive job search. The more experienced the recruiter and the firm involved, the better. They know how to handle these situations, and you can put their knowledge to work for you.

#2—Their search is often also confidential.

When companies enlist the services of a search firm, they typically ask the firm to conduct a confidential search. In many cases, these organizations are seeking to fill positions that they did not post online, for one reason or another. So if the recruiter is conducting a confidential search for their client, it will be no problem for them to keep your search “under wraps,” as well.

#3—You know where your resume is going.

When you work with a recruiting firm (and just one firm), you know where your resume is going. Not only that, but since the recruiter is conducting a confidential search, hiring officials will not know the name on that resume until later in the process, when they’ve expressed interest. When you work with multiple firms, you increase the chances that your search will not stay confidential.

#4—Recruiters have “insider info” about companies.

Recruiters know how companies work. They know how hiring managers like to operate. They know the preferences of the people who make the hiring decisions. All of this is knowledge that you do not possess. Once again, working with a recruiter is a great opportunity to leverage their knowledge to your benefit.

The phrase “passive job search” denotes that you’re taking a “passive” approach to the search. When you work with a recruiter, they can handle the “active” part of the search. In other words, they do all of the “heavy lifting” associated with the search.

This allows you to enjoy your current employment situation . . . until they find a better one for you.

If you’re ready to use a recruiter for your passive job search, then contact The Doepker Group!

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