Let’s face it: professionals are changing jobs more frequently these days. Once upon a time, somebody who changed jobs every five years was considered a “job hopper.” That is no longer the case.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers spend an average of 4.6 years with their current employer. That means the average person could change jobs up to 10 times during the course of their career.

That also means if you consider somebody who changes jobs every five years to be a “job hopper,” then you’d have to consider the average person in today’s marketplace to be one. And that’s just not a rational deduction.

Not only that, but the Millennial Generation changes jobs more frequently, and they’re the largest generation currently in the workforce. The fact of the matter is that as an employer, you can’t view this issue the same as it’s been viewed in the past.

Below are five steps for viewing and handling the “job hopping” employment marketplace:

#1—Recognize the reality of the situation.

That’s what reading this blog post is all about. More professionals are changing jobs more frequently than at any time in the history of this country. It’s happening so quickly that employers much alter their perspective regarding which candidates are safe to hire and which ones are not.

#2—Screen out true “job hoppers.”

Speaking of those who are not safe to hire . . . anybody who has a history of changing jobs every year or multiple times a year are true “job hoppers.” You should view it as a red flag. But those who have changed jobs every two to three years? There is not necessarily a danger involved in considering such candidates, especially if they represent top talent.

#3—Hire the best candidates.

And speaking of top talent . . . this step has not changed. You always want to hire the best candidates. What you do NOT want to do is bypass a great candidate just because they fit the mold of what a “job hopper” used to be. If you did that, then you might be bypassing all of the best candidates for your position. No matter how you slice it, that is a BIG hiring mistake.

#4—Retain the best employees.

This step has also not changed. Sure, a candidate may have a history of changing jobs every two to three years. However, they’re one of the top candidates in the marketplace. So you hire them. It is now your job to retain their services. So do whatever is necessary to keep the candidate engaged as an employee so that you can continue to receive a return on your hiring investment.

#5—Partner with an experienced recruiting firm.

A recruiter is on “the front lines” of the employment marketplace on a daily basis. They already know that the rules regarding “job hoppers” have changed. They know how to handle today’s candidates and address their needs and concerns, including Millennials. By partnering with them, you can leverage their expertise to make the best hire possible.

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