Not all candidates who find themselves in the hiring process of an organization is in that process because they were looking for a new job. Sometimes people are in a hiring process because they were contacted about an opportunity (by a hiring manager or recruiter) and they’re simply interested to see what options are available in the marketplace.

That all makes sense. However, no matter how or why you find yourself in the hiring process, there’s a way in which you should act once you’re part of that process.

And that is with a sense of urgency.

You might be asking, “Why would I want to act with a sense of urgency, especially if I’m not really looking for a new job and just seeing what is out there? Besides, I’m not a type-A personality person. I’m more laid back.”

Let’s start with defining what it means to NOT act with a sense of urgency. Below are some examples:

  • Waiting days to respond to a request for a phone screen or interview
  • Being late to an appointment
  • Not following up with the hiring manager or recruiter in a timely fashion following a phone screen or a face-to-face interview
  • Receiving an offer of employment from an organization, but taking an entire week to consider the offer. (That’s too long, regardless of whether or not you actually accept the offer.)

As you can might imagine, doing these things can hurt your candidacy during the hiring process. And that’s even if the organization has made an offer. That’s because this is largely an issue of personal branding.

The fact of the matter is that employers want to hire people who act with a sense of urgency. That’s because they accomplish more (which makes them more valuable) and they’re more engaged, with both their work and also with other people. So when you act with a sense of urgency during the hiring process, you automatically become a more interesting candidate. At the very least, it’s more difficult for a hiring manager to dismiss your candidacy.

On the other hand, if you do NOT act with urgency during the hiring process, then that brands you in a certain way, as well. And of course, that certain way is not a positive way. If a hiring manager sees this kind of behavior from you, they may believe that:

  • You’re not interested in the position.
  • You’re not interested in the organization.
  • You are unprofessional.
  • You can’t be counted upon.

You do not want any of these things to be part of your personal brand. They can only hurt you. They can not help you.

Yes, you may not be actively looking for a new job or be desperate to find a new job. Yes, you’re not a type-A personality. But you don’t need to be a type-A personality to show up on time for a phone screening or face-to-face interview. You don’t have to be a type-A personality to act with a sense of urgency and brand yourself the right way during the hiring process.

And if you have concerns, you should partner with an experienced recruiter working in your industry. They can help guide you during the process and provide tips and advice to help you enjoy more success.

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