In a previous blog post, we discussed “Exploring the Web Design Hiring Landscape.”

Part of that post described the difference between web designers and web developers, including their general duties and the disparity in the average annual salary that can be earned by people in both positions.

Before we continue, there are two distinctions that should be made regarding these areas:

  1. Web designers and web developers do share a certain set of job skills. These are primarily basic skills that are necessary to carry out the duties of both jobs.
  2. There are certain specialty areas within both the web design and web developer realms that are closer in terms of salary. By and large, though, web developers do earn more in salary and compensation.

So when you’re deciding whether to become a web designer or a web developer, you should go the web developer route, right?

Not exactly.

In the world of web design and web development, there’s what is called a “unicorn.” This refers to somebody who is:

  • A web designer who can also write code
  • A web developer who can also design

Now, when we refer to a web designer who can also write code, we’re talking about high-level code, not basic code. Most designers can transform their designs into prototypes using basic HTML language. That does NOT qualify them for “unicorn” status.

No, we’re talking about coding skills in the area of JavaScript and JQuery. Web designers who are proficient in these areas are more rare—and by extension, more valuable—to potential employers. And more valuable translates into more in the way of salary and compensation.

So what does this mean for you? It means that if you’re already a web designer, then you should learn as much as you can about web development, especially coding languages. And if you’re already a web developer, then you should learn as much as you can about web design.

Talent is like any other commodity in the world: the more rare it is, the more valuable it becomes.

There’s a reason somebody in the industry who can excel at both web design and web development is referred to as a “unicorn.” It’s because their skill set is rate . . . and that’s what makes it (and them) so valuable.

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