When you get right down to it, everything in the employment marketplace comes down to value.

There’s the value that you provide to your current employer. There’s the value that your current employer provides to you. And there’s the value that you could provide to a potential new employer if you’re exploring other employment opportunities.

Currently, there is a labor shortage and a talent shortage in the United States. As a result, there are many employment opportunities for talented professionals to explore. These opportunities provide a number of options, especially for the best job candidates in the marketplace.

However, just because conditions are favorable for candidates and they typically have the leverage in situations does not mean that you can “coast” through the interview and hiring process. You still must prove to a potential new employer that you can provide the type of value that they’re seeking. If you’re not able to do that, then you will not receive an offer of employment . . . no matter how much leverage you thought you had.

Below are four things that companies want to see from candidates during the hiring process:


Obviously, employers place a high priority on hiring people who tell the truth. So you don’t want to lie on your resume or lie during the interview. Remember: even an exaggeration or a “little white lie” is being dishonest, and if you commit such an infraction, then you run the risk of derailing your candidacy.

#2—Ability to communicate well

Communication is one of the most sought after skills by employers in the marketplace, and this applies to every industry. Simply put, companies want more employees who are able to communicate well, regardless of their job title or their daily duties or responsibilities.


This is another trait that employers like to see in job candidates, because if you show decisiveness during the hiring process, then you’ll probably exhibit it once you join their team. This is especially applicable during the negotiation and offer stage of the process. If you show signs of indecisiveness about the offer, then the organization may begin to have second thoughts about you as their top candidate.

#4—Commitment (do what you way you’re going to do)

And if you do accept an offer of employment from a company, honor your commitment. Do not then accept an offer from another organization or accept a counteroffer from your current employer. While you might think that doing either of these things will benefit you, it would only do so in the short term and may actually cause damage to your career in the long run. Honoring your commitments is one of the most important things that you can do as a professional.

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