While it’s true that the economy is good overall and we’re in a candidates’ market right now, there are still things that candidates must do during the hiring process to stand out.

Yes, top candidates have more employment options at their disposal. However, as a top candidate, you still want to be hired by an organization that is offering a premium employment opportunity. To receive an offer from that organization, though, there is a certain protocol involved.

Those candidates who recognize that protocol and follow it give themselves a much better chance of receiving an offer of employment and enjoying professional success. Now, of course, employers want the requisite amount of experience and the proper skills in the candidates they’re considering. That should go without saying. (Although we’re going to say it, anyway.)

No, what we’re talking about here is what they’re looking for beyond that. Let’s assume for the moment that the candidates in question already have what is necessary in terms of skills and experience. With that in mind, below are five things that employers really want from candidates during the hiring process:


It all starts here, and honesty starts on your resume. And keep in mind that exaggerations are a form of dishonesty. Don’t be tempted to make yourself look better than you are. But be sure to state your value and also quantify it. This also applies to the face-to-face interview. It’s all about value. Tell the truth about yours and enhance your candidacy. Don’t lie about it and derail your candidacy.

#2—The ability (and willingness) to communicate

You want the hiring manager to communicate well with you during the hiring process, so can you really blame the hiring manager for wanting the same from you? No, you can not. If something changes with your situation or there’s information that the hiring manager should know, then you should communicate that information as quickly as you can. This is professional courtesy. Even if it could be considered bad news, you should communicate it!


Once again, you want follow-up from the hiring manager, and they want the same from you. If you say that you’re going to do something, they expect you to actually do it. This includes showing up for a phone screening or a face-to-face interview. Doing what you say you’re going to do is very important during the hiring process, not to mention the personal branding process.


This is a trait that employers look for in potential new employees. As a result, they also look for it in the candidates that they interview. Being decisive is a valuable characteristic, while being indecisive is not. That’s why you should do more than just say that you’re decisive. You’re going to have to show it, as well, and this includes the offer of employment. If an offer is made, the employer expects you to be decisive about it.


Speaking of the offer of employment, if you accept it, then you’re making a commitment to the organization that offered it. If you accept an offer, you should NOT accept a counter-offer from your current employer. In addition, if you accept an offer, you should not accept an offer from another employer if they extend one to you after the fact. A commitment is just that: a commitment. It’s the equivalent of giving your word.

An experienced recruiter working in your industry has knowledge of what employers really want during the hiring process. That’s because they’ve worked with these organizations to fill many openings, and they can tell you what to do and what not to do.

Aligning yourself with a recruiter or search consultant is an intelligent strategy in your quest to grow your career.

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