It’s no secret that there is a lack of qualified job candidates in the employment marketplace right now, and this shortage is particularly severe in certain industries.

First, it’s difficult to find the right candidates. Second, it’s difficult to engage these candidates and convince them to enter your organization’s hiring process. And third, and perhaps most importantly, it’s difficult to not only keep these candidates in the process all the way to the end, but also to hire the one that you want.

And to make matters worse, some employers are not showing the appropriate courtesy and respect to candidates, and not just any candidates—the ones they want to hire above all others. Below are some of the ways they are doing this:

  • Putting candidates through four, five, six, or even more interviews
  • Making candidates show up for interviews on a number of different days, no matter how far away they are or how inconvenienced they’ll be
  • Making candidates endure marathon interviews with numerous company officials that are hours long and sometimes consume the entire day
  • Asking candidates to come in for an interview on the same day that they call them

These are all things that employers should not do in this current market. But more importantly, what should employers do to help themselves hire and recruit the best candidates available in the marketplace?

In a nutshell, they must handle the hiring process in a swift, concise, and decisive manner. After all, some of these candidates are entertaining multiple offers, so if you make a misstep, then those candidates would be more likely to choose another organization.

Below is a list of things that employers should do in this current market:

  • Conduct one phone interview.
  • Conduct two face-to-face interviews at most.
  • If there is a second interview, include a tour of your company or facility during that interview. Remember, you have to “sell” yourself to candidates just as much as they’re “selling” themselves to you.
  • Have a member of your team meet with the candidate in an informal setting, perhaps for coffee, somewhere in their “neck of the woods.” This will help to differentiate your company from the other suitors.

Contrary to popular belief, employers are still not in the “driver’s seat” and they still do not possess the majority of the leverage in this current market. As a result, if they don’t treat candidates the right way during the hiring process, then they won’t be able to fill their open positions with the type of talent they want to hire.

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