Chuck Noll was successful as a head coach in the National Football League by anybody’s standards.

He coached the Pittsburgh Steelers for 23 years, compiling an overall record of 193-148-1. Most impressively, though, he won four Super Bowl championships in a span of six years, a feat that has never been duplicated.

Now, every coach has their own distinct style and philosophy, and Noll was no different. In fact, it was his philosophy regarding the motivation of his players that’s very relevant to the world of business, especially hiring new employees.

You see, Noll never thought it was his responsibility to motivate his players, no matter the situation or the circumstances. He wasn’t one to give fiery pre-game speeches. Instead, his philosophy regarding the subject is best summed up by the following quote:

“It’s not my job to motivate players,” said Noll. “If they need me to motivate them, maybe they shouldn’t be here.”

Noll believed that it was his job to find players who were self-motivating. Then, when he had secured such players, it was his job to put them in positions where they would excel, thus increasing the chances that the team would succeed and reach its goal (winning the Super Bowl). History certainly validates Noll’s approach.

To Noll, talent was only part of the equation. Desire was equally as important. There was only so much time in the day and resources at his disposal. Noll didn’t want to expend valuable time and resources trying to motivate his players, when that time and those resources could be put to other, more productive uses (such as planning and strategy).

In this manner, Noll was able to maximize both his time and the talents of his players.

When recruiting candidates for your open positions, self-motivation should be a prerequisite, no matter how talented or experienced those candidates are. And they shouldn’t have to tell you that they’re “self-motivated.” It should be evident by what they’ve accomplished in the past and what they’re willing to accomplish for YOU in the future.

That’s how champions are built.

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