There is often confusion among professionals regarding what it means when a recruiter contacts them about an employment opportunity. That is a shame, since recruiters and search consultants routinely let professionals know about premium employment opportunities within their chosen field.

This confusion often convinces professionals to tell a recruiter that they don’t have time to speak with them. Or that they’re happy where they are and there’s no way they would leave. Or that they’re not interested in hearing what the recruiter has to say.

All of these are ultimately inappropriate responses. And the reason that they’re inappropriate is NOT because they would hurt the recruiter’s feelings. They’re inappropriate because they have the power to hurt the professional’s prospects for career growth.

To help clear up the confusion, here’s what it means when a recruiter contacts a candidate:

It means that the recruiter more than likely has an employment opportunity that is clearly better than the job that the candidate currently has.

What does “more than likely” mean? It means that in nine out of 10 instances, the recruiter has a job that is better than the candidate’s current position.

And once again, it’s not just better. It’s “clearly” better. That means there is a discernable difference between what the candidate has now and what the recruiter is presenting to them. It’s rarely, if ever, a matter of two nearly identical employment situations.

Look at this way. A recruiter knows that a candidate, especially a top candidate, is not going to consider a job change unless the new opportunity is clearly better than what they have now.

Since the recruiter knows that, they’re not even going to make the phone call unless what they have is clearly better than what the candidate has. They’ll know that the phone call is not even worth their time.

So what does it mean if a recruiter or search consultant contacts YOU?

  • It means that you’re considered a top candidate in the industry. At the very least, it means that you’re considered a top candidate for this particular position.
  • It means that the position the recruiter has is clearly better than the job you currently have.
  • It means that you should listen to what the recruiter has to say so that you can find out exactly how the job they’re presenting to you is better than the job you have right now.

This is what it means when a recruiter contacts a candidate, and this is what it means if and when a recruiter contacts you. The key is to be cognizant of the situation, be professional in your interaction, and be open to whatever opportunity is presented to you.

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