The title of this blog post is designed to force you to ask another question: “Am I one of the top professionals working in my field?”

The reason that we ask this question—and the reason you should ask the second question—is that the top professionals are the ones who have access to the best employment opportunities. And of course, the best employment opportunities often lead to the best careers.

This is especially the case in a candidate-driven market. We have been in such a market since The Great Recession ended many years ago and our country’s economic recovery began. There are two main rules for professionals in such a market:

  1. All candidates have more employment opportunities and options.
  2. The best candidates have the most employment opportunities and options and they also have access to the best opportunities and options.

The second question posed above, the one that we hoped you would ask yourself, suddenly becomes more important in light of these rules. So . . . who are the top professionals working in your field?

Well, whereas we’re not at liberty to provide the actual names of these professionals, we can answer the question from a purely statistical vantage point. Specifically, we can state that the top professionals in any given field are typically defined as the top 5% to 10%.

It’s not the top 25%. It’s not even the top 15%. It’s the top 5% to 10%. So in essence, this really is the “best of the best” or the “cream of the crop.”

So this leads to a logical conclusion: while there are more than likely many people who consider themselves to be among the top professionals within their field, the reality of the situation is that the majority of these professionals really are not.

On the heels of that logical conclusion, we have another (logical) question: Are you one of these people who believe that you’re among the top professionals in your field, but you’re really not?

While you might consider the posing of the question to be a bit disturbing (and quite possibly a bit offensive), it’s a fair question to ask. And it’s a question that you must do your best to answer.

And if, while answering the question, you even slightly suspect that maybe you ARE one of these people, then perhaps a new plan of action is in order. That plan can include the following:

  • Identify your greatest areas of weakness.
  • Brainstorm ways to address these areas.
  • Identify new skills that you can add.
  • Research ways in which to participate in skills development.
  • Align yourself with a recruiter or search consultant, who can help you to find the best employment opportunities and options in the marketplace.

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