In our previous blog post, we addressed the fact that it’s more important than ever to act professionally. In this blog post, we’re going to address something else that is critical, both regarding your current employment situation and also your career.

That something is resiliency.

It has become somewhat fashionable as of late to downplay resiliency, to claim that it’s not really as important as some people make it out to be. The reality of the matter is that claim is not true. Resiliency every bit as important as people claim it to be. In fact, it might just be even more important.

Things have definitely changed not only in the employment marketplace during the past eight months, but also all over the world. The COVID-19 virus and pandemic, as well as the lock-downs that resulted, have had a lot to do with that change. With that in mind, the question becomes a simple one:

In light of COVID-19, do you think resiliency has become more or less important?

The bottom line is that resiliency has always been important, just as acting professionally has always been important. The only things that have changed recently have been our circumstances, and those circumstances have not made resiliency any less critical. In fact, the case is quite the opposite.

However, even if the virus and the pandemic did not exist, you should place a high degree of emphasis on resiliency. And you should do so for the following three reasons:

#1—Resiliency is always needed in your personal and professional life.

Adversity is unavoidable. It’s not a matter of if you’re going to encounter it in life; it’s a matter of when and how many times you’re going to encounter it.

Since that is the case, resiliency is always going to be needed. No matter how many advantages you have, you simply can not avoid adversity.

#2—Resiliency ultimately determines your level of success.

Yes, talent, skills, and experience are important. However, you can not reach your full potential on those alone. The reason is #1 on our list.

Adversity is unavoidable. As a result, how you react to adversity and how you respond to challenges will dictate how successful you are.

#3—Companies want employees who are resilient.

This makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Why wouldn’t employers want to hire people who are resilient in the face of adversity?

There is adversity in the business world and the employment marketplace all the time. It stands to reason that if a person’s level of resiliency dictates how successful they are, then the same would hold true for an organization.

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