There’s a good chance that your organization already considers itself to be a “technology company.” This is certainly the case if you already operate within the realm of Information Technology.

However, even if that’s the case, you should be striving to emphasize technology even more as a company. This is especially the case while looking to hire and definitely with job candidates during the interviewing stage of the hiring process.

First things first, though. For everything that the COVID-19 has changed, there are two important things that it has not changed:

  1. The top job candidates in the marketplace still exist.
  2. Organizations must still do everything they can to be an “employer of choice” and engage these candidates effectively if they want to successfully hire the best candidates.

Look at this way. Professionals, especially those who represent the top talent in the employment marketplace, have always been attracted to “technology companies.” And just like professionalism and resiliency have become more important since the pandemic started, being viewed as such a company has also become more important. This is because top candidates are even more attracted to such organizations.

And why is this the case? We have four reasons:


Professionals consider an organization that is a technology company to be an “employer of choice.” Essentially, the pandemic is placing an emphasis on technology and transforming the job market in terms of the employment opportunities that it creates. As a result, technology companies are seen as having the best job opportunities tied to this technological transformation.


Once again, everybody wants to play for a winner. This applies to companies just as much as it applies to sports teams. Technology companies are viewed as being more successful than other organizations, especially if they are also considered to be “employers of choice.”

#3—Flexibility and work-life balance

Since technology companies are employers of choice and seen as leaders within their industry, professionals are more inclined to believe that they also offer more in the way of flexibility and work-life balance. This could include working from home, a flexible schedule, or both.

#4—Long-term prospects for stability

Just like everybody wants to work for a winner, everybody also craves stability. Following along the same vein, professionals are more inclined to believe that technology companies that are also employers of choice offer more stability because of their track record of success and their elite standing within the industry.

How much of a technology company is your organization? Is it a leader within the industry? If it is, do top professionals know that it is? Do you communicate that through your employer brand, including on your website and your organization’s social media channels?

Now, more than ever, top candidates are looking to work for the best technology companies in the employment marketplace. So to hire these candidates, your organization must position itself—and promote itself—as being one.

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