Just as we’ve addressed reference checks from the point of view of job seekers and job candidates, we’ve done the same with what is known as “job hopping.”

And just as we recently addressed reference checks from the employer side, we will now do the same with “job hopping.” This is typically defined as changing jobs frequently, or at the very least, frequently enough that potential employers take notice.

As we’ve discussed, the stigma attached to “job hopping” is not as great as it once was. In fact, there may not be a stigma attached to it at all. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. The members of the younger generations are more transient, and therefore, it’s in their nature to change jobs more frequently.
  2. The current circumstances of the employment marketplace, especially the lack of qualified candidates in some industries, are more conducive to “job hopping.”

The days of a person working their entire career at one company and retiring with a gold watch are long gone. That’s just not the reality of the marketplace any longer.

Believe it or not, one of the reasons that a professional would change jobs frequently is because they’re a superstar in their field. When you’re a high-performing individual, you tend to get bored easily if you’re not consistently challenged. If their employer is not challenging them, then they could start looking elsewhere.

And there are plenty of advantages to hiring somebody who appears to be a “job hopper” if that person is truly a superstar and a high achiever:

  • Since they love a challenge, they’ll love whatever challenge you present to them. In fact, the bigger, the better.
  • They won’t allow themselves to get too “comfortable.” Instead, they’ll constantly keep moving forward in their desire to grow and evolve.
  • If they challenge themselves, chances are good that they’ll also challenge their co-workers and colleagues and help push them to greater heights of achievement.

So if you have the chance to interview a “job hopper,” do not simply dismiss them because of their employment history. They could be a “diamond in the rough” candidate who simply needs to be challenged in the right way.

At the very least, if they have all of the skills and experience needed for the position, be prepared to interview them. Then you can ask about their track record and further assess whether they’re a true “job hopper” . . . or a superstar candidate in disguise.

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