When it comes to protecting your organization, you probably think about lawyers. You might even think about accountants.

But have you thought about a recruiter or search consultant?

If you haven’t, then you probably should. And the reason is simple: talent represents your organization’s single most important asset!

Your organization’s ability to recruit, hire, and retain talent is critical to its long-term success. That’s why the expertise of a recruiter is just as important as the advice of an attorney or accountant. After all, you know how costly it is to make a bad hire, especially for a high-level role within the company.

Retaining the services of an outside search consultant or recruiter can help protect your company’s talent. It can also help to ensure that you remain highly competitive in today’s marketplace

With this in mind, below are five ways a recruiter can protect your organization:

#1—Extensive knowledge of the job market.

Recruiters deal with many hiring authorities on a regular basis. As a result, they possess valuable information not only about emerging trends, but also about other companies within the industry.

#2—Access to highly qualified candidates.

These candidates are not unemployed job seekers on job boards, either. These are qualified yet passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, but would be open to considering an attractive opportunity if it was right for them AND if they knew about it.

#3—Reduction in the time to hire.

Recruiters can “hit the ground running” on a search because they’re in the trenches of the employment marketplace day in and day out. Each day that an important position remains unfilled results in lost revenue for an organization.

#4—Reduction in the cost of training and onboarding.

Recruiters find and recruit the best candidates possible. As a result, the learning curve is greatly reduced, resulting in more productivity in a shorter amount of time.

#5—Improved retention rates of new hires.

By constantly following up, recruiters make certain that the hire is embracing their new employer and situation, is satisfied with the choice they made, and is likely to remain there for a long time.

Finding, hiring, and retaining talent is critical for every organization. With so much at stake, securing the services of an outside search consultant or recruiter can protect your organization in ways that a lawyer or an accountant simply can not.

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