In today’s ever-changing employment marketplace, social media and technology have emerged as valuable tools for job seekers. Used in the correct fashion, these tools can serve to enhance your search for greater opportunities and help propel your career down the path to success.

However, these tools are NOT a substitute for your personal brand.

Unfortunately, it has become more commonplace for people to rely too heavily on social media and technology tools during their job search and quest for career advancement. Yes, we’re living in the Technology Age, and yes, we’re also living in a social media and mobile world.

However, these tools are only pieces of the overall puzzle, and they’re not even the main pieces. The main piece is YOU.

A potential employer wants to know more than just what’s on your resume or your LinkedIn profile. You have to be able to articulate why they should hire you.

They’re not going to hire you based upon your resume or LinkedIn profile alone . . . or your skills or experience alone, for that matter. They’re also going to hire you (or not hire you) based upon the following four things, among others:

  1. How well you would fit into the company culture
  2. Your ability to react to ever-changing conditions and a fast-paced environment
  3. Your capacity for working in a team or project-oriented situation
  4. Whether or not their impression of you is a good one (i.e., whether they like you)

You may think that last point is arbitrary, but it is not. People prefer to work with people they like, and if a hiring manager takes a disliking to you, they probably are not going to consider you for the position, regardless of your skills or experience . . . or your LinkedIn profile.

All of the points listed above contribute to your personal brand, specifically your personal employment brand. You should take meticulous care to both build and grow this brand, because it’s critical to your long-term career success.

When it comes right down to it, companies are not hiring your resume. They’re also not hiring your LinkedIn profile. They’re hiring YOU.

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